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Yoga connects us to strength, flexibility and our capacity to breathe deeply. But there is so much more.

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"When you’re doing a class with Zoe, you know you’re doing something special. She has wisdom beyond her years - she’s down to earth and funny. Her sequences are unique and unexpected and her guidance is so genuine. You can’t help but feel supported and inspired during her classes."

Sarah L

Law Graduate

Need more convincing?

I know, yoga can be intimidating if you've never tried it before. My name is Zoe and I have been teaching yoga for over 5 years. I teach creative and authentic yoga classes, with great music, both face to face and online.

I currently offer a beginners short course that is packed with useful information, to make you feel comfortable and ready to get started on your yoga journey.

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My mission is to make yoga accessible and appealing to every body

I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the shift that I experiences when i started to understand what lies beneath the surface.

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Body & Mind

Our bodies and minds are in fact one working whole. Yoga not only helps us to increase physical flexibility, but cultivate more flexible and open head spaces. The more embodied we are, the capable we become to manage this crazy experience of life.


The way that we breathe is directly related to the state of our nervous system. When we learn to breathe more deeply and slowly in our every day activities, we remain more calm and relaxed regardless of what's happening around us.


Wisdom comes from experience. Yoga invites us to connect to something greater than just ourselves. Experiencing connection gives us deeper insight into this intricate web of life, leaving us feeling less alone and more connected.

Zoe also offers face to face yoga. She comes to you, with all of the necessary equipment, wherever it is you are.

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Private Sessions

In your home, at your event or on your platform.

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In your workplace, with your staff and your leaders.

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The Zen Hen

At your wedding or hens with your nearest and dearest.

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I offer public yoga and meditation at various locations across Melbourne. To find out about my teaching schedule and any other information, follow me on Instagram @zoekleinyoga

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