Welcome to Zoga.

We teach premium, authentic, enjoyable yoga​ to keen, open-minded and progressive yogis.

Our Expertise

Zoe has been teaching yoga since 2015 traveling globally to both learn and share the practice of yoga. Zoe is 500hr YTT certified. Having taught over 2000 hours of public classes Zoe is well-practiced in facilitating safe and customized practices for any level of experience.

Our Values









Our Offering

Inclusive and premium yoga experiences, collaborations, training, retreats and products to inspire wellbeing. We can service any event at a location of your choice.

Our Philosophy

We connect the philosophy and heart of yoga to every experience and interaction. We are present-focused and committed to operating in alignment with our greatest values. We welcome anyone and everyone with an interest in yoga as a pathway to greater wellbeing.

Hi there, I'm Zoe.


I am a warm, down-to-earth, authentic woman who is striving to live in congruence with her values.

These include freedom, creativity, relationship and growth, all of which ripple into every aspect of my personal and professional life. I practice and teach yoga, love to surf and am slowly discovering my place inside of this very interconnected web of nature. But I haven't always lived like this. The previous iteration of Zoe was far less self-aware nor embodied. She was full of self-doubt, judgment and ignorance. What changed? I found yoga. Hence, in 2015 Zoga was born.

I've got a lot to share. Yoga changed the person I am and the way that I live. It has taught me who I am, what is important and has helped me to define these new values. It completely changed my relationship with my body and my thoughts. Helping others on this path is what I care about the most. We all know that life moves quickly, but I know that rushing leaves us unfulfilled. I want to share with you the tools and knowledge that helped me to slow down and find more meaning in my life.

After all, there is no time to rush.​ 

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200hr YTT Zuna Yoga 

20hr Teacher Immersion / Happy Melon

300hr Embodied Flow / Body, Mind, Expression

100hr Embodied Flow / Trainer Assistant

50hr Creature Yoga / Subtle Practices with Rose Baudin

50hr Creature Yoga / The Unveiling with Carlos Pomeda

Bachelor of Counselling & Integrative Psychotherapy - In Progress / Ikon Institute of Australia



Class Styles


Slow Flow


Mindfuln Meditation