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Yoga changed the person I am and the way that I live. It has taught me who I am, what is important and has helped me to craft new values. It completely changed my relationship to my body and my thoughts. Helping others on this path is what I care about the most. We all know that life moves quickly, but rushing leaves us unfulfilled. I want to share with you the tools and knowledge that helped me to slow down and find more meaning amongst the madness.

"There is no time to rush"


Teaching Style

My yoga classes are rhythmic, honest and embodied. I offer options for all levels, clear direction and strong, dynamic, intuitive movement. I draw from tantric and buddhist philosophy and enjoy sharing authentic stories as insights and learnings from my every day human experiences. I guide students eloquently through creative sequencing and language, paired with great music. My classes will challenge you, make you laugh, but also invite you to soften, with hope that you find more softness in your life.

I love teaching big groups and events. I have a special knack for creating authentic and unique experiences from collective energy. I emphasise inclusivity and accessibility, along side a good laugh. These are the ones that always create long lasting memories.

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I offer public yoga and meditation at various locations across Melbourne. To find out about my teaching schedule and any other information, follow me on Instagram @zoekleinyoga

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