Virtual Corporate Yoga

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Zoe was invited to our organisation to lead a meditation during a period of transition and change in the business. Drawing on her own corporate experience, Zoe was able to easily understand our needs, designing a session that suited the different experience levels amongst the group.


Zoe easily builds rapport with her audience and made everyone feel comfortable to share their thoughts in a discussion after the meditation. Her flexibility and understanding ensured the group left with helpful tools they could use inside and outside of the workplace.


A meditation skeptic in the group even told me a week later that they had kept up their meditating! Thank you so much Zoe, we look forward to having you back soon.

Sally Phillips / NAB / Marketing Manager

Zoe was a breath of fresh air when facilitating some workplace yoga for us. Not only was it a beautiful and well executed session that allowed us all to take a moment for ourselves whilst working from home this year, but Zoe’s calming energy was something we remembered long after the session. Thank you Zoe

Maggie Maroussis / Heritage Brands / National Learning and Development Manager


Singular Session

Zoe will work with you to find an appropriate time, theme & format for this session to ensure your team gets the most benefit. Formats include yoga classes, education sessions and meditation.

Cost: $300

Yoga Stretches

Class Package

Zoe offers class packages allowing for more depth and progression. This is a more cost-effective way to engage and creates greater ongoing benefits for your team.

4 class package: $1000

6 class package: $1400

10 class package: $2000