Online Offerings

COVID 19 impacted the way that we both learn and share. During 2020 I created a number of different online courses, two of which I have decided to keep available. I am no longer offering online Zoom classes, however if this is of interest to you, please let me know. I also have a select number of online classes for rent or purchase.

On-Demand Classes

The Slow Rhythms Series

A four-week yoga series that unpacks different components of reality and highlights practical ways to work in harmony with them. To create changes in our life we must start by gaining more knowledge. The learnings are what inspire our will to create changes in our actions.​

Together we will cure the busy is better attitude and make actual changes to the way we think and feel. We will move, meditate and breathe inside the container of weekly themes that are geared towards the slowing of our minds and lives. I have had over 40 people through the program so far and the response has been overwhelming touching. It has genuinely made me emotional to hear how an amazing community of men and women have been able to find more self-awareness and as a result know exactly what they need to do to live more enjoyably.

What you'll get:

  • 8 x recorded classes with Zoe (drip fed each week, eventually leaving you with a library of classes to practice over and over again).

  • 8 x beautifully curated playlists to match each class

  • 4 x themed lecture-style chats with Zoe

  • 4 x themed meditation & breath practices

  • Access to the Zoga Community Facebook

  • BONUS content such as Yin and bite-size meditations.

  • All levels welcome.

"Such a beautiful experience. Zoe's knowledge combined with her calming and present nature creates a very "live" feeling online experience" -- Student

Coming Soon

20 Day Meditation Challenge

A rewarding self-guided challenge. It's just 10 minutes which is only 0.69% of your day. 

What you'll get:

  • A download link with all of the content

  • 1 x 10-minute meditation for every day for 20 days

  • A deep sense of calm and clarity

  • The feeling of accomplishment and self-commitment

  • Short digestible practices that you can repeat

  • Mindfulness/vipassana style meditation 

You can practice at any time of day and will have access to all meditations forever. You could do this challenge over and over again to make a long-lasting habit.

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