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Welcome to my studio

Here you will find a mixture of live and on-demand classes as well as a selection of deeper more educational content. 

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"I've enjoyed the online space Zoe has created, as it has given me an opportunity to both reflect and keep moving. Zoe has a beautiful presence and approach, which resonates through all the classes and the moments of coming together. I love her slow and vinyasa flows, that embrace a unique rhythm and gracefulness. Makes me fully immersed in the practice every time."


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On Demand Downloads

Live classes that have been recorded for you to download and enjoy in your own time. Each class comes with a carefully curated Spotify playlist.

60 Minute Vinyasa | Balanced Hips

$6.00 AUD
60 Minute Vinyasa | Creative Flow

$6.00 AUD
60 Minute Vinyasa | Long Legs

$6.00 AUD
60 Minute Vinyasa | Side Crow Flow

$6.00 AUD


I have a small selection of free classes available on my YouTube channel

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