Let me take you on a


that will change everything

In just four weeks you can experience the true and long lasting power of yoga

The Slow Rhythms Series is a blending of yoga practice and philosophy. It includes story-telling, journalling, yoga flows, breathwork and meditation. It was crafted for those who are wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and how it can change their life. Most importantly, it is designed for those who are ready to put it into practice. Times are tough, yet I know from experience that yoga alleviates suffering. This course will change your entire perspective.


The details:

The entire program is pre-recorded meaning you can do it in your own time and repeat the practices as you like. Content released weekly. The weekly themes build upon themselves meaning that your practices goes deeper and deeper.

What you get each week:

A short themed lecture

Two flow classes (with music)

Meditation and breathing practice with instructions

Journalling prompts

BONUS content such as yin and asana tutorials.

Investment: $99

Access for 6 months

Start today!

I have had over 70 people through this series already. Here is what they have to say:

"A beautiful opportunity to devote time to yourself that makes you feel strong and in control - especially in this mad world we are currently living in." - Jane

"I have loved listening to Zoe's interpretation of the principles behind slowing down and how these can be integrated into my yoga practice and to my life in general. For the yoga component, Zoe gently guides you through each pose in engaging sequences that relate to the theme of the week. The live sessions and breathing practices really support the yoga by giving you the theory behind the practices and time to practice the breathing to help to calm the mind and body down. I have really enjoyed this program and thoroughly recommend it! Thanks Zoe!" - Carolyn

"I’m loving it! It’s allowing me to think in such a deeper level, gain more perspective and allow myself specific times to slow down. Thank you so much for creating this amazing space ✨" - Sasha

"I've enjoyed the online space Zoe has created, as it has given me an opportunity to both reflect and keep moving. Zoe has a beautiful presence and approach, which resonates through all the classes and the moments of coming together. I love her slow and vinyasa flows, that embrace a unique rhythm and gracefulness. Makes me fully immersed in the practice every time. Thank you!" - Tiina

"I had found it difficult to practice during these stressful times, and your sessions were the only ones that helped me feel totally grounded and connected again. The message of slowing down really comes through, even when I’m watching a recording at 9pm after work. It’s been an invaluable space for me." - Michelle

"Such a beautiful experience. Zoe's knowledge combined with her calming and present nature creates a very "live" feeling online experience."

"Zo’s guidance has been incredible, the themes each week are powerful reminders that always seem to be exactly what you need going into your week. Through focusing on these themes in each yoga practice, I’ve found I’ve been able to really hone in on them so that they become engrained and part of my everyday life. Thanks Zo"

"So glad I took this journey with you Zoe. Lately I have been caught up with working from home and I have struggled to slow down or even shift my attention to anything else. The past few weeks have helped me to centre and reenergise myself by shifting my energy inward and my focus on the present moment. Even though I wasn’t able to make all of the live sessions, having the recordings to go back to throughout the week has been so helpful" - Ally

"The Slow Rhythms short course was extremely enjoyable and accessible. It helped deepen my practice, and gave me plenty to think about off the mat! I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking for a fun but grounded yoga course."